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Working together to stop child abuse

“1 in 3 children who are reported to Social Services every day in South Africa, are victims of rape (about 60 rapes per day reported).  88% of all sexual abuse cases are not reported…

Now we know the scale of the problem, but we are not going to be overwhelmed.  We are doing what we have been doing all the time.  We are working together to try and make a difference.

Drive for a Child is a project of Plesion NPC and Rata Social Services. The aim of Drive for a Child is to enable Rata Social Services to protect children from all forms of abuse, of which sexual abuse is but one form…

How we help

Due to the critical prevalence of child abuse in South Africa and the limited resources to safeguard these children, Plesion (a registered fundraising organisation) organizes an annual charity golf day for Rata Social Services – 3 years running.  Plesion was established with the main focus to help struggling NGO’s with fundraising projects as a way to contribute to helping social services on ground level and to make a difference in different vulnerable communities.

To protect abused children, the professional social workers of Rata Social Services remove them from the violent environment, put them in places of safe care and then work to find suitable foster parents or other alternative placements for them. They represent these children’s rights in the children’s courts, arrange for therapy and draw up an Individual Development Plan for each child. But it doesn’t stop there – Rata helps to prevent further violence through community development programs and parental guidance programs.

“Only registered social workers from an organisation that is registered to provide child protection services, may remove a child from the care of their parents or guardians”.

Our challenges

As an NGO Rata has to rely on Government funding (subsidies) to render services, which are inadequate for financial survival.

Due to great financial constraints, social work vacancies are a reality which impacts services on ground level.

As a welfare organisation, services are being rendered to the poorest of the poor and are services also aimed to alleviate poverty, with limited resources.

It costs approximately R10,000 per annum per child – from removal, children’s court case, trauma debriefing, therapy, placement and continuous services. This includes all expenditures regarding the cases.

Without the NGO’s which are registered as Child Protection Organisations, there will be no one left to stand between an abused child and their abuser…

Some of our achievements

  • 16,398 children were reached through professional services including protection services, therapeutic group work and community outreach projects.
  • Services to 2,350 abused children that were removed from parental care due to abuse and placed in alternative care through children’s court procedures/cases.
  • 1,330 Children were reached through therapeutic prevention services after reports were received regarding their care situations.
  • 22 New cases regarding child abuse are reported per month at Rata.

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1 in 3 children who are reported to Social Services every day in South Africa, are victims of rape (about 60 rapes per day reported). 88% of all sexual abuse cases are not reported…

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